Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Amazon loves RWA

Okay, I promised more on National, so here's the scoop on the Amazon panel. The Amazon gods spoke about utilizing Amazon plogs, AmazonConnect and Amazon shorts.

The Shorts, first. They said two very successful Shorts authors are Michael Palmer and fellow ChickLit loopie Lauren Baratz-Logsted. These two authors have written side-stories to books they've written, generating interest in the author, the book, and endearing the secondary characters to readers.

Now this one seemed super cool. AmazonConnect is a targeted blog feature where authors can post messages directly to their customers' homepage and to their own product detail pages. Authors can communicate directly with known customers who have purchased their books from Amazon. How cool is that? I'm pursuing this one...

AmazonConnect lets you have prime placement by surfacing an author's posts on their customers' home page, showing the three most recent posts by an artist on each of their product pages, along with a featured link to the author's profile page.

AND: If you already have a blog, you can use RSS to surface your existing blog directly to your Amazon customers via AmazonConnect.

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