Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Git 'r Done: Novel in 90 Days

You asked for it, you got it, now it's time to follow the sage advise of Larry the Cable Guy and Git 'r Done! Make the committment to your current (or next ) novel with Novel in 90 Days!
<-Proof You Can Do It!
Clear your calendar and roll up your sleeves to dig into this hands-on workshop to build your book, from brainstorming an irresistible opening hook to pounding out an ending that leaves readers breathless and wanting more.
Novel in 90 Days is a five-part workshop that gives you the tools you need to build your story and helps you find the time to get that novel done. Included in the course is the Novel in 90 Days Interactive Workbook that provides brainstorming tools, character-building worksheets, easy-to-use storyboards for plot planning, a revision checklist and Agent Quest and query tracking tools for your completed project. Attendees will have the opportunity to join an exclusive online writing community devoted to the 90-Day Novel.

Don’t spend one more minute wishing you were an author—make this the year you get that novel written!

Week One: There are only two things you need to write a novel. An idea and the time to write it. In Week One, we'll brainstorm ideas for books, discuss genre and market analysis to figure out where your novel belongs in the bookstore, and we'll look at the writing life to in a segment called, "How to find time to write when you don't have time to write." Next, we'll break down the first page--or hook--of a few bestselling authors to see what makes them tick, and then we'll brainstorm your novel beginning and set doable daily goals. We'll begin an online forum to track progress.

Week Two: We'll ask for volunteers to read their "hook" in class, and discuss strengths and weaknesses. Next, we'll look at plot and character development. Both of these segments include worksheets and tricks of the trade that will help you get to know your character and your story. Class will receive the tools to create an effective outline or storyboard for their book. We'll set manageable goals to meet before our next meeting.

Week Three: Volunteers will submit their outlines and discuss strengths and weaknesses and brainstorm "stuck" parts. Next, we'll discuss Goal, Motivation and Conflict, and different types of endings, including circular storytelling. We'll discuss the importance of chapter beginnings and endings, scene structure and the three most important pages of a book. We'll set manageable goals to accomplish before the next meeting.

Week Four: The call for volunteers continues, and we move on to Revision Took Kit, which includes a three part check list for revising a manuscript. We'll discuss how to crank up your conflict and punch up your prose for a non-puttable-down book. Again, we'll set goals for the next meeting.

Week Five: Agent Quest. Where do you find these elusive creatures, how to lure one from the mist and what to do with one once you've got one. You'll receive an Agent Quest Took Kit with information on questions to ask an agent, which agent is right for you and the quickest way to get your work in front of him or her. We'll also take a look at book contracts, marketing plans, print runs, distribution and the business end of publishing. And then we'll talk about the book we're writing next . . .

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