Friday, July 27, 2007

More on RWA National...My first year as a PAN!

Okay, taking a break to do what I promised to do--tell y'all about my fab first year as a real live published author. Along with doing my first Literacy Signing *yippee-and for a good cause, too!* I met fantastic booksellers and promised to come do signings, esp. at nearby Round Rock Hastings, which is doing a tie in with one of my favorite charities --pet adoption. Tahoe and I will be there raising cash for this charity--did I mention a portion of the proceeds of Dead Copy go toward pet adoption? I'll let you knmow when we set a time and date.
Sue Grimshaw from Borders Group
But, back to PAN: My first ever PAN Retreat, starring mega powerful (they are the buying power behind our books), Margaret Terwey, Romance Buyer, Books-A-Million, Tommy Dreiling, Romance Buyer, Barnes & Noble, Sue Grimshaw, Romance Buyer, Borders Group and Cathy Cadek, Paperback Romance Buyer, Levy Books.

The good news is that romance is on the rise, and there's no end in sight! And to sweeten the deal, the New York Times Bestseller List is changing--for the better! This autumn, the list will split the paperback into to two seperate categories--one for trade and for mass market. The list will also increase to 22 slots, giving more authors the opportunity to make the list in the first place. Wahoo!

Each of the panel said they are particularly interested in debut authors and helping rising stars make that list. Two authors they mentioned often were ChickLit bud Allison Brennan and RWA pal Sherrilyn Kenyon (who wore a giant black bird on her head during the signing--v. cool :). The panelists pointed to these two authors repeatedly on how to hit the list right.

Historical novels are alive and well and actually increasing in sales for the first time in a long time, according to this panel, with strong sales among established authors. The bookbuyers said they're watching this trend carefully, paying special attention to debut authors.

Traditional romances *the panelists pointed to Debbie Macomber as an example* are making a comeback, paranormal is leveling off, and erotica is hotter than ever.

Holiday books, especially anthologies are eagerly gobbled up by both booksellers and book readers. And not just Christmas get those ideas cooking and get them out there.

And have you seen this? is a new site that you should check out early and often!

I've got to get back to writing, but will glean more from my notes and get them up soon.

Happy writing,



spyscribbler said...

Thanks for sharing, Kit! I'd love to hear more about what goes on behind those closed doors.

Kit Frazier said...

Glad to share, Sky! Thanks for stopping by. Tomorrow I'm going to talk about the Amazon panel, and later in the week, I'll discuss the Novel in 90 Days workshop I'm doing at Writers' League of Texas...Hope you'll drop by!

Barnes & Noble Round Rock Signing

Barnes & Noble Round Rock Signing
My friend Pantera with Tahoe & Me

Tahoe and a new friend at the signing