Monday, August 6, 2007

Okay, for my pal Ed Morris . . .

Ed Morris at ForeWord Magazine wrote to tell me there were some Cauley-isms that gave him a grin or two in Dead Copy. Ever the curious gal, I asked which ones he liked most. Without further's Ed's faves, along with his comments...

*Thanks, Ed, you made my day :)*

"Apparently she'd skipped the silicone and gone straight to helium." (66)

"Same ho, different hoedown." (67)

". . . I believe if something was really worth doing it would have been done already." (83)

". . . like he'd been sucking glue sticks since the second grade." (94)

"Miss Preteen Tractor Pull" (100) (For all I know, that may be a common Texas honorific.)

"My heart did a little two-step around my rib cage." (121) (An arresting image.)

"Holding my breath, I waited for the other Ferragamo to drop." (135)

" . . . I could hear molecules bouncing around in my ears." (176)

" . . . sex with a man like that would probably be like Jet Skiing in a force five hurricane.' (209)

" . . . she smelled like fresh gin and the Old Testament. . . ." (248)

" . . . taking a corner so fast the G-force gave me Angelina Jolie lips." (253)

" . . . flashed him my second-best smile. . . ." (282)

" . . . a pair of black stilettos that have been known to make men beg for mercy." (293)

1 comment:

Samara Leigh said...

I like: "Apparently she'd skipped the silicone and gone straight to helium." (66)

That sounds like something my best friend would say. LOL

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Barnes & Noble Round Rock Signing
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