Thursday, July 19, 2007

Romance Writing Babes

I just got back from RWA National in Dallas and I have to tell you, what a talented, supportive group of gals. I roomed with my super-talented pal Marian Stevens and had an absolute ball. She's like the Martha Stewart of Romance Writers, but with way better shoes. She was so organized. We sat up late making lists of things we wanted to accomplish during the conference *we both hit our goals!*

We told each other secrets, giggled like a carload of eighth graders, borrowed accessories, fixed each other's hair and had a slumber party, ARWA style. Watch for this woman...she's tearing up the contest circuit and she's going to hit the shelves before you know it. I'll fill you in on the panels I attended later, but for now, here's some of the action... *Marian and I on top of the world at the Hyatt!*

My pal Lexi Connor *God bless her all the way down to her little Scottish heart* helped me get the bookseller bags together in a frenzied fury--thanks, bud, I owe you! Lexi's another ARWA gal who's winning contests left and right--I'll be at one of her signings, too. We met with fellow pink pen users from the Chick Lit chapter and Lord help us, Heather decided we should do Lemon Drops...of course, we all did (except Lexi, who had the good sense to stick with her Guinness). Most of us were sorry later. Good thing the hotel wasn't having a wet tee-shirt contest, 'cause she probably would have talked us into that, too... *Marian, Me, Shot Girl *aka Heather,* Lexi and Golden Heart Finalist Cindy Procter-King...*
I met so many cool people at the Literacy Signing, and signed next to Pat Gaffney--was I in heaven or what? I sold out, and met some incredible women who'd read SCOOP and were ready for Cauley's next adventure. I met all kinds of new pals, including the fab Jeanie Burgen, Carol Johnson and two wonderful women from Florida. Although I loved all of the conference, stuffed my brains with important info and ate like a starving sailor, the book singing was the highlight of all the scheduled events. *Me signing for the Florida Gals*

The Chick Lit Chapter had a fab party complete with yummy chocolate things, drawings and of course, we got to meet each other in person. I'm always afraid people will meet me and think that old Laurie Notaro title, "We thought you'd be prettier..."
We had tons of fun, and got to root for Cindy Procter-King as she headed for the Golden Heart.

More pics and scads on the super panels and festivities later, including the Get My Friend a Baby Party, an adoption soiree which made me laugh, cry and eat entirely too much cake.

*Robyn DeHart, Me, Marian, Hattie, Emily McKay and Addie having way too much fun. Not pictured is Addie's Daddy *and Emily's husband*, Gregg, who patiently took our picture and put up with a lot of giggling, chattering and book talk...*

I think it's fair to say a blast was had by all, I was struck dumb with all the star power and the vibes off of all those talented, funny, super cool babes. I'm still exhausted, but missing it already, and am gearing up for next year.
Off to write...


Manic Mom said...

Oh sounds soooo much fun! I HAVE to get to RWA next year!

Kari Lee Townsend said...

Love the pictures, Kit. Looks like you guys had a ball too. Maybe next year we'll have a chance to meet each other;))

Lexi said...

Um, excuse me, chickie! I did the shot AND my Guinness! That was Marian I think who didn't finish hers.

As for the bags, I'll always be there for ya!

Kit Frazier said...

Thanks Steph! I kept looking for someone with your ping pong paddle, but never found her...

Kit Frazier said...

Kari, sorry we missed each other! Of course, with all the fire alarms, cute firemen and about 2000 romance writers, it's easy to get lost in the crowd...hope to see you next year!

Kit Frazier said...

Lexi, my apologies and my condolences--those boogers were deadly. And thanks again, pal, for helping with those bookseller bags--they were a huge hit! Now, get that book finished, I want to see it on the shelves!

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Barnes & Noble Round Rock Signing
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