Monday, August 3, 2009

Generations of little feet . . .

So we went out to Cherry Springs to get the wood for the floors--this is the wood from Great Opa's old house, so it's probably close to 100 years old. I just love the thought that we'll be walking on wood that bears the lovely scars of generations of little feet that came before us.

We ran the wood through the planer (it's hard work, finding the wood, gathering the wood, dragging it to the trailer . . . ) and now it look just beautiful. We braved snakes, scorpions and one tiny little lizard. The calves are getting big, and the buck's horns are coming in. It was a good but very exhausting weekend! And yes, that's a three foot snake skin on top of the toilet tank at the hunting cabin *ick*

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Barnes & Noble Round Rock Signing

Barnes & Noble Round Rock Signing
My friend Pantera with Tahoe & Me

Tahoe and a new friend at the signing