Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Cavalry Arrived

R's sisters Ida and Martha arrived with little Chloe to check out the progress and wound up lending a hand with the lighting.

Of course, we took some time to hang out, play with the dog and ducks and take a spin on the paddle boat (which Chloe steered) before getting back to work.

Martha and Ida helped with the light fixtures and placards, and

Chloe helped sweep, and then we had a fish fry and broke open a big juicy watermelon to thank them!

Here is the turn-of-the Century Chinese chest that will be the bathroom counter, with one of the hand-hammered copper sinks, and the adorable lanterns that will serve as the bathroom lights! Big thanks to my sis-in-laws for swinging by-don't be strangers--and next time we won't put you to work! Maybe next time we'll have the hammock up . . .

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