Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Texas Sayings . . .

I've been thinking a lot about my dad lately, and we were compilin' a list of Texas sayings when he died. He loved them--they always made him chuckle, and getting an Old Colonel to chuckle is no easy task. I've decided to take up his cause and collect as many as I can.

Some of his favorites were, "Useless as tits on a boar hog," "Richer than ten-foot up a bull's ass," and "Daylight's burnin'!"

What are your favorite southern sayings? Come up with some good ones and we'll vote on who gets the "Not Now! My Muse is Kicking Ass!" tee shirt . . .

Some of my faves are:

I’m gonna give it to ya with both barrels.
That really chaps my hide.
Madder than a long-tail cat in a room full of rockin’ chairs
Look out, she’s havin’ a conniption.
He’s sharpenin’ his saw teeth.
She’s in a sod-pawin’ mood.

I’m so mad I’m gonna cloud up and rain knuckles.
He’s got his tail up.
She’s got her hackles up.
He’s burnin’ like chicken at Baptist barbeque.
Look out, he’s tearin’ up the pea patch.
That just burns my britches.
He’s so mad he could stretch sheet iron.
She’s mad as a wet hen.
I’m mad as a cow with a sore teat.
I’m so mad I could eat a horned toad backwards.
He’d fight ‘til hell froze and skate on the ice.
She jumped on me with all four feet.
He’s madder than a red ant.
She’s so mad she’s sweatin’ steam at every joint.

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