Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Capture, Care & Feeding of Agents

So, because I know from my own life experiences how important an agent is, and what happens when, due to circumstances beyond my own control, agents don't work out, I'm teaching a class on the good, the bad and the downright ugly truth on how to get a GOOD agent.

In my years of writing and dealing with agents and writers who are way better than me, I've compiled a class of things you MUST do before you go to conference, what to do while you're there, and what to do after the fact.

And whether or not you're going to conference, the Agent Quest is one of the most important adventures you will embark on in your career as a writer.

So, here's the down and dirty scoop on All Things Agent:

This class is an interactive To Do List from agents, editors and
bestselling authors on how to get your foot in the door and what to do
with your foot once you're in.

INCLUDES: *Agent Tips* from Super Agents Jenny Bent, Andrea Somberg,
Celeste Fine, Kelly Harms, Jessica Faust and Donald Maas

*Editor Tips* from Wonder Editors Jennifer Enderlin (St. Martin's),
Lucia Macro (Avon) and Kate Duffy (Kensington)

*Topics covered include:*


1. The One Thing You MUST Do Right Now!
2. Pre Conference Prep
1. Get Your Bio, Baby
2. Brand Yourself
3. Pitch Perfect (Includes Winning Sample Pitches)
4. Query Quest (Includes Winning Sample Queries)
5. Research Like You Mean It
3. What Should You Look for in an Agent?
4. Do You Even Need an Agent?
5. How do You Know Which Agent to Approach?
6. Questions, Comments, and HELP!


7. Five Questions You Must Ask Your Potential Agent/Editor
8. Query Critique Volunteers
9. The Business of Getting an Editor/Agent
1. To Blog or Not to Blog
2. Pre-pub Publicity
3. The Least You Need to Do
10. Conference Strategy
11. What To Pack (Business Tips for Writing Babes)
12. Confidence Becomes You
13. Exit Strategy: The Five Things You Need to Do Post-Conference


McGirl said...

Nothing to do with anything, but I've tagged you over on my site. Blame it on Catherine Morris, who started this tagging business; she wrote six randomly clever things about herself and seduced me to the dark side. :)

mmcclellan30 said...

Hey C,

Darci is looking for you. Give her a call at the store (231)745-8804 or drop her an e-mail. Molly

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