Monday, September 17, 2007

Signings, retreats and other bumps in the night

It's been an incredible week, with lots and lots of stuff to do. USA Today Bestselling Author *and Super Pal* Julie Ortolon had a fantastic signing at A Thirsty Mind, where Pam & Anita hosted a killer champagne party, and Barbara Calderaro sang her big ol' heart out! Big, big fun.

Saturday and Sunday was the 2nd Annual Austin Romance Writer's Retreat at McKinney Roughs--and can I just say,
"Wow!" This is THE most talented group of women on the planet, I'm sure. We critiqued, brainstormed, wrote and okay, had way too much fun with Skylar's Knock-You-Naked Lemon Drops.

Lexi Connor regaled us with a lilting rendition of Amazing Grace *probably also thanks to the Lemon Drops :)* but it was beautiful, and I got to know my writing pals on a whole new level.

Emily McKay and I went for a little brainstorming hike *okay, it was a walk, but it was hot, okay?* and sometimes I forget just how off-the-charts creative she is. She was The Key in our critiquing sessions, and I got a good, solid reminder in the most important plotting question--"What is at Stake?"

Skye, Robin and Jan Yonkin offered tarot readings, and toward the end of the day Sunday, I gunnied up the nerve to ask Jan to do my cards. I was afraid to sit for the reading because the last two years have been so emotionally sucky I wasn't sure I could stand anymore gloom and doom. But Jan is one of the most intuitive empaths I know--she's one of those people who emits calm spiritual strength, and it rubs off everyone around her. I needn't have been afraid. It turns out I am my own worst enemy, my guy loves me, and it's all blue skies ahead as soon as I get out of my own way. And, it seems there's a baby in my future... I'll keep you posted...

Until then, keep writing.


Lexi said...

Awesome reading! Glad you got so much out of the retreat. It's ALWAYS great to see you!

Kit Frazier said...

Fun to see you, too Lex. Can't wait to read your book!

Lexi said...

Aw, shucks. Thanks. I seriously need that right now. Kinda slipping into that self-pity mode.

PS, the singing wasn't thanks to the Lemon Drops. it was thanks to the beers. :)~

Kit Frazier said...

What self pity? Didn't you just final in yet another contest?

Barnes & Noble Round Rock Signing

Barnes & Noble Round Rock Signing
My friend Pantera with Tahoe & Me

Tahoe and a new friend at the signing