Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dancin' Matt & the World Goes 'Round

Okay, so Dancing Matt was in Austin, and what a hoot! I love Dancing Matt, and discovered him while watching Ellen when I was supposed to be writing an article for a regional magazine. So why do I love Dancing Matt? Okay, first because he's hilarious and adorable and travels the world filming himself doing this ridiculous little dance and then posts it on YouTube so the rest of us who are home chained to our regular every day lives can blow some time watching him live his life. Here in Austin, a bunch of us joined Dancin' Matt at the Stevie Ray statue on LadyBird Lake for a boot-stomping (okay, sandal-stompin'--it is Austin after all) good time.
We love Dancing Matt so much we put his Internet jig on the cover of the Statesman Metro section. Take that Governor Perry. So, why does Austin love Matt, a former slacker from Connecticut? Despite the fact he's a yankee, we in Austin have a soft spot for slackers of all kinds *i.e., our own slacker in residence, Matthew McConaughey* Like our own naked-bongo-dancing Matt M, Yankee Dancing Matt ditched his day job and made a movie about a guy who didn't have a day job. Unlike our Matt M, Dancing Matt usually keeps his shirt on.

I love Dancing Matt's videos, but even more I love his outtakes, which show Matt dancing all over the world with all kinds of people. I say we should make Matt our Mobile Ambassador to the World. The world could do worse.
*who's off to dance with her dog*

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