Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rainy Days and Thursdays

So, Mother Nature's still pounding us with rain and we are "isolated by water" according to the newsfolk, which is just a fancy way of saying we're stuck here in the 'burbs and can't get out *photos below*

But, I got a very nice shout out from Heather Hinton who just read Scoop and is about to crack open Dead Copy. Heather, send me your address, and I'll send you some cool stuff...

Writer pal Jan Bold wrote to tell me her pal Pat Taylor and Pat Newman read Scoop and it is now in the library out in Lake Buchanan, and I'm pleased to say I'll be chatting with them on Oct. 24 at their Book Festival. Thanks, Jan! And I heard from writer pal Chris Keach, who said my blog was another good way to waste time. Glad to oblige.

Weather permitting, I'll be visiting Barnes & Noble CRMs and all around Good Guys Jo Virgil and Caren Creech (already spoke to CRM Frank Campbell) tomorrow to thank them for choosing moi as Author of the Month, and to extend invitations to a Booksellers Brunch sponsored by Austin Romance Writers. Saturday, I'm heading to Points Unknown to brainstorm *snort* with the ARWA Pro authors to get their pitches ready for the Dallas conference next weekend and for *trumpet sounds* the RWA National Conference in a couple of weeks. Ask me if I'm ready . . .

Photos: Above: Flood waters overflowing the San Gabriel, Below: Flood waters still coming; Car washed over bridge at Salado; Family loses home & belongings in Granite Shoals; Robert fixing the trafic signals in Marble Falls; Truck washed downstream in Marble Falls; Car tossed into the Colorado River

We're okay here at Frazier Central, but others have lost everything. Want to help? Find out how...

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Barnes & Noble Round Rock Signing

Barnes & Noble Round Rock Signing
My friend Pantera with Tahoe & Me

Tahoe and a new friend at the signing