Friday, June 29, 2007

Burnet Boys Still Missing

Bradley Andrew McMellon and Paul Lee Slinkard. Those are the names of the young men missing after the flooding near Marble Falls. The rain is still coming, but the search resumed this morning with ground crews, dogs, horses and air missions, covering more than six square miles. The search is still considered a "rescue" although they brought in cadaver dogs--a sign that it may take a turn for the worse and become a "recovery" mission. We're all hoping that's not the case but it doesn't look good.

The Jeep they were driving was found last night, submerged downstream in the swollen but subsiding Hickory Creek in Burnet County. The car was flattened by the force of the floodwaters. Some clothing the boys were thought to be wearing were found nearby. We're still looking for the boys, hoping for the best ...

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Barnes & Noble Round Rock Signing
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