Sunday, September 20, 2009

He's here . . .


Ash said...

As we get older people tend to shun their own birthday celebration. (Not me of course! I want my damn presents and they better be something freakin cool!) Whether it's because we dread the fact of getting older, our bodies falling apart or even that we're not where we thought we'd be at this age when we were eighteen.

Know this; that I am thankful each and every day for you and all you have done for me and our family. You are a wonderful sister and I celebrate this day each year because it's the day you were born and life would not be the same without you.

You bring joy to so many and it's a pleasure just to be around you, let alone be your baby brother.

So, Happy Birthday Sis!
I love you with all my heart.

Kit Frazier said...

*sniff* Brub, you're gonna make me cry. I love you too, Sweetie.

Barnes & Noble Round Rock Signing

Barnes & Noble Round Rock Signing
My friend Pantera with Tahoe & Me

Tahoe and a new friend at the signing