Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So, okay. I tried the 8 to 5 thing, which didn't go as well as one would have hoped, and now I'm back at home (much to the happiness of assorted livestock), and writing my tail off. Book Three (Formerly known as "The Book That Wouldn't Die *very scary*) is going fabulously since I'm back on track, and just finished a rough draft of "Redneckedness."

It's nearly writer's conference season, so I'm about to teach an online query class (for info, email me at kitfrazier@yahoo.com) and just when I'm gearing up to be super busy, lo and behold, we're finally building! After four years, we're finally getting our log home!

Under the watchful eye of Atticus Rex, we're building as green as we can, with standing dead timber, stained concrete, a south-facing slant to catch the breezes off the lake and all kinds of neat passive solar initiatives.
Billy Jack Construction did the final leveling of the 12-feet of dirt R leveled over the past six months after the dredging (which was also done by Billy Jack and his son, Sam).
Then Tommy Metzer Concrete came in and poured, leveled and smoothed out the slab! We're going to be doing the staining ourselves, and we're almost finished! (When I say "we," I mainly mean "R" :) We've had really crappy luck with contractors in the past, but so far, so good *fingers crossed*
Now, if I could just get Attie to stop terrorizing our lizards and birds . Maybe he'll be satisfied with bullying the contractors, which mostly involves a series of surly stares from his perch on granite ledges, crouched in pounce position . . .

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Barnes & Noble Round Rock Signing
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